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The city of Vicenza, called “city of Palladio”, is patrimony of UNESCO and it is located 62 km from Treviso. Vicenza hosts 23 monuments built by the architect Andrea Palladio, among which the most important are: the Basilica (1549), the Olympic Theatre (1580-1585), the Palazzo del Capitanio (1571-1572) overlooking Piazza dei Signori on the right front of the Basilica, the Palazzo Chiericati seat of civic art gallery, the Palazzo Valmarana and Villa Rotonda, built from about 1566 in the immediate outskirts of the city. These are just some of the great architectural works of Palladio which you can meet by going to Vicenza. The many squares, bridges and characteristic stately avenues complete the panorama of a unique city.